Swiitch Beauty FlicksOnFleek Eyeliner Stamp

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Today’s post is another product review about Swiitch Beauty. There has been a lot of negativity around the brand the last few weeks. I personally have purchased so many of their products and have really been loving the quality of these products. I purchased the Swiitch Beauty FlicksOnFleek Eyeliner Stamp with some other Swiitch Beauty products on a Black Friday sale they had on their website.

I’ve honestly sucked when it comes to creating a winged liner, no matter how much I try I always seem to fuck up one eye. So when I saw that Swiitch Beauty released an eyeliner stamp of course I had to try it myself. If I could master somewhat of a decent eyeliner then everyone and their mother can.

When I posted a photo about this on Instagram I had had a few people telling me that they had no look and was disappointed with the product. That made me really skeptic about the product and whether it will do the job for me.

The Swiitch Beauty FlicksOnFleek Eye liner Stamp is a double sided eyeliner pen, side one is a regular felt tip eyeliner applicator & side two is a winged eyeliner stamp.

Swiitch Beauty Flicks On Fleek Eyeliner Stamp -2

Top Tip! Start off by stamping your wing in place & then draw your line. Bam! Perfect liner

Easy said then done right? The eyeliner stamp comes in two sizes, I purchased the one in small because the big one just scared the shit out of me. The first two times I tried it I just couldn’t get it right it kept smudging and fucking out! So I gave up and for a few days I only used the liner side which actually made it easier to create a wing as well. The tip is rather thin, but not too thin if that makes any sense. I have great control making it easier to glide the liner on.

I finally went all in and tried the stamp again, and I actually amazed myself that I actually did it. Not the most amazing winged look but I managed to make a winged liner.

Swiitch Beauty Flicks On Fleek Eyeliner Stamp -3

My final thoughts? Once I actually got the hang of it I really love the result. The only thing is that the black is not super pigmented as I thought I have to go over my liner I created another time to have it look as intense as I want it. I would suggest priming those eyelids it makes it easier to control and also presents smudging. Other then that it’s a good product that I will certainly be getting lots of use out of.

DISCOUNT ALERT! Swiitch Beauty currently has their FlicksOnFleek Eyeliner Stamp on discount.

Have you guys tried any product like this before? What were your thoughts?

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Disclaimer: Products in this post might have been sent to me for PR, all opinions shared are my honest thoughts.

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