Taking A Little Break


Hello loves, from the title you guys have properly gathered that I will me taking a little break from blogging.

I will be going on holiday from work soon and I really want to enjoy the little time I have off, and that means fewer posts as well. I will be posting but it won’t be daily, I am taking this time to relax and exploring the lovely Cape Town. Every blogger needs a break every now and then and with the year I had I think I deserve some me time and be well rested and just have fun. Taking a breaking a break won’t be easy, but I think my body and mind needs to rest no stress!

I do plan on posting about 3 times a week (hopefully) – so I won’t completely be dead silent!I hope you all have an amazing holidays and make sure to spend time with your loved ones like it should be. Be safe guys!


  1. Trang Do
    December 17, 2015 / 9:50 am

    Lovely post! Love your beautiful hair and top!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    • December 17, 2015 / 12:52 pm

      Thanks Imaan – I hope you have an amazing holiday aswell โ˜บ

  2. December 17, 2015 / 11:23 am

    Hope you enjoy your break Candice! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


    • December 17, 2015 / 12:52 pm

      Thanks Lana!! I Hope you have a great holiday season too โ˜บ

  3. December 17, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    Enjoy your break. Excited to see what you come back with.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Roberta Romeo
    December 17, 2015 / 5:11 pm

    Enjoy your holidays darling! ^-^

  5. Laura
    December 17, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    Enjoy your vacation and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. December 17, 2015 / 8:43 pm

    So happy you are doing what is right for you and being honest and truthful! It’s hard to step away sometimes but you’re doing it for the right reasons! That makes me happy to know that you’ll be off, enjoying yourself and company of friends and family ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care Candice! Happy Holidays!


  7. Ellie Adams
    December 18, 2015 / 9:47 am

    3 times a week is still a lot hun, take your time and enjoy your break, you’re so right in that every blogger needs one!


  8. December 18, 2015 / 7:24 pm

    Yes this is important. I’m actually taking a holiday break as well. Also, I do not post daily for months now. I used to but it just burns me out. I think it’s better to post one quality post a week than several. But December is always an exemption because a bunch of blogging work is always offered to me whenever the Holidays are approaching.

    โ™ฅ STYLE VANITY โ™ฅ

  9. December 19, 2015 / 12:41 am

    Blogging three times a week is still really good, I hope you have a great break Candice and Merry Christmas!

  10. December 19, 2015 / 2:06 am

    A short break is so important to refocus! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

    Doused In Pink

  11. Chic and Alluring
    December 20, 2015 / 3:24 am

    Awww, have fun on your vacation!

    I agree that three times a week is still amazing, lol.


  12. Stripes n Vibes
    December 21, 2015 / 4:35 am

    Lovely post, I wish you happy holiday and great vacation! You are right we all need little break every now and ten)


  13. Mark
    December 22, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    Enjoy the break and hope to communicate next year.

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