Things That Make Me Happy

Life can be so draining and stressful for the most part. It’s so easy to focus on the bad and forget about what exactly makes us happy in life. Today I thought I would share a random post and list the Things That Make Me Happy.

“If I can lead a happy life, touch the lives of others in a positive way, win the respect of those that I care about – and make a few million along the way – then I have been successful. “- Bill Rancic

Such a random post I know! I have made it my mission to share more lifestyle posts with you guys and to share more personal posts too.

So, what does make me happy?

Lilly | I have to mention our newest addition to the family. Lilly has brought so much frustration, yet so much joy to our lives. Being able to come home to her every day, has been a highlight for Justin and I. I have also recently shared a post where I mentioned how Having a Puppy Changed My Life.

Justin | Another obvious point is that my fiancé makes me extremely happy. When it comes to finding love, I have honestly hit the jackpot! Justin and I will be getting married by the end of this year.  I honestly can’t express how happy that makes me. It’s rare to find the one person you know you are meant to be with and that’s how I feel about Justin. Never have I met someone who makes me feel the way I do. He supports me and has been my rock for these 4 years we have been together.

Blogging | Blogging has really brought passion to my life. I’ve always felt lost, not knowing what to do with my life. Living a life with not having anything you are passionate about it, not a life I would want to live. Finding something that I am really passionate about. Blogging has been a life jacket for me. I wasn’t able to study or to find what I am passionate about career wise. Blogging has given me something to work and it’s something I really love doing.

Pizza & Wine | My love for pizza and wine is unreal! I could literally have it every night if it was up to me! Netflix, wine, and pizza. What more could a girl ask for?

Raining Days | If you aren’t from South Africa, then you might not know that Cape Town is experiencing a major drought. It just happens to be the city I live in and has become a major concern for its residents. Cape Town has sadly not received the rain it needs to supply to all households. It’s been really tough trying to save as much water as we can. I haven’t been able to take a decent shower in weeks. I am a total homebody, nothing makes me happier than spending a raining day in bed with my loves, watching Netflix, having wine and pizza!! See what I did there?

I would really love to know what makes you happy? Let me know in the comment section below.

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