Tips For An Easier Period

This is a sponsored post in collab with Kotex

I have always dealt with bad periods since aunt flow first started visiting me at the age of 13. PMS is something that varies for me and can get rather painful and frustrating at times. Here are some Tips For An Easier Period.

Before going on the pill, I always suffered from severe PMS. Mood swings would vary and honestly, it took a toll with the people close to me. Don’t get me started on the cramps and puking which would be hell during the first 3 days of my period. To a point where I had to stay in bed, as simple things as walking would be painful. My legs would be so numb, that I just couldn’t be anything.

Considering that fact that this happened every 27 days – this was no way to live. Being on the pill has helped me so much – although I suffer from pain and mood swings it’s more manageable and doesn’t take over my life. I would highly recommend you seek help from a doctor if you are dealing with PMS as well.

Detox & Cleanse

Make sure to drink lots of water. Your body needs to detox and drinking lemon water and eating fruits and veggies helps to detox and cleanse the body. 

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to stay hydrated, drinking loads of water and herbal days gently detox the body as well.

Using Effective Hygiene Products

Finding the right tampons and pads are essential. I just feel uncomfortable if I am not using the right products for me. There are many brands out there, and finding what works best for you and what you like is important. I am currently using Kotex pads for in the evening and the tampons for when I know I am going to be more active during the day.

Do Light Exercise

As much as I would prefer just being in bed and eating chocolate, doing some light exercises are important. I find that walking around helps with lightning my cramps, even though it could be painful at first depending on how server your cramps actually is.

These are mainly my tips for making period easier. If you have any more to add then please let me know in the comments below.   


This is a sponsored post in collab with Kotex

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