Tips To Optimise Your Website


Optimising my website waw something that I’ve never thought about before or even heard of, but let’s face it how fast your blog loads does determine how successful your blog can be.  Visitors don’t have the time to stock around while your blog takes forever to load. A lot impacts a slow loading website,  so it’s important to optimise your website to load faster and also to use less disk space in your hosting server.

Recently I’ve been having quite a few problems with my website, it constantly gave me errors and kept going down and the up again which left me confused.  I contacted my server provider which confirmed with me that my blog was taking reaching its disk space capacity which is insane because I don’t have that many posts, I had no idea that I had limited ram space on their server and they asked me to optimise my website.  Firstly,  I didn’t know what the heck that means and I had to figure it out myself. I did some research and managed to make the problem stable I still get rare case it does go down but not as much as it use to.

Here are some ways that you can optimise your blog making it faster to load and to save disk space.

Monitor Your Plugins

If you are with WordPress you know that there are so many plugins that you can install, sadly the more cpu plugins you have activated the slower your website gets, this can cause a major issue. Try and limit the amount of cpu plugins used.  P3 Profiler A plug in you can install to help better monitor how much load your plugins takes, this will help determine which plugins are slowing down your website.

Empty Your Trash

Wp Optimise is a great plug in I use to clean my website from post revisions, drafts, spam and pingbacks. All of these gets saved so if you revised a post to make amendments everytime WordPress saves it,  all of this can take up space that can be free did up.

Optimise Your Images

Images plays a huge part in loading of your website and cab take up a huge chunk of space. Optimising then will allow your photos to take up less space and allow your website to run smoother. I use WP Smush It another plugin, not everyone has the time to resize every single image, so having a plugin automatically doing that is a major help.  Do note that once you run Wp Smush It for the first time it will slow down your website as it uses a lot of resources to go through your entire websites images and reducing them.

Consider Using Less Social Media Buttons

Everyone loves to share all their social media accounts on their website, but did you know that all those official sharing buttons does increase loading times immensely, due to calls that the make to external services. This was something I was shocked about, I now use less sharing buttons and everything seems to load better.

I hope these tips were useful to you guys at all I know that these are mainly for bloggers using the WordPress platform because that’s the one I use, sadly I have no idea how other bloggers using different platforms can optimise their website.  I have found that doing these my website has been loading faster, and allows me to have more space available for my ever growing blog.


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