Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

Looking for a way to spice up your photos? There’s no better way than using great apps to bring life to your photos. Here are my Top 5 Photo Editing Apps that I’ve been using and swear by.

I am obsessed with finding Photo Editing Apps that help me be creative. Instagram is the only other place besides my blog where I can truly be creative with my photos. There are so many amazing apps out there, amongst the few I’ve tried these are my favourites

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile is free. Which makes it amazing is that you have total control over your photos. You app change the way colours look which is my favourite part of Lightroom. You can also buy presets that are used as a guideline or base for your photos. My favourite preset creators are Kelsey in London and Aspen Ovard.

Stories Edit

Stories Edit is created by Planoly my favourite Instagram Planner. They created a totally free app with tons of beautifully created templates. This app has been one of my favourites to use and they are constantly created new template sets.


Colorstory is one go my OG apps for editing. They are constantly creating filter packs you can easily download at a fee. It makes editing so easy… They have a few collaborative filters to choose from.


I am sure you guys have heard of Storyluxe before. They have so many cool Instagram Story Templates to choose from. I like using these for creating a college if I want to share a few of my photos in one slide. Their film templates are my favourite.


Over is an amazing app, that truly allows you to get creative. They have a wide selection of templates to choose from or you can use their amazing graphics to create your own personal touch. I have been using Over for a really long time and I am amazed at the library of graphics and how much you can do with this app. I would highly recommend you guys try it.


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