Top 5 Places I Would Love To Visit

Top 5 Places I Would Love To Visit

Sadly my holiday is over and I am back at work, and I’m getting back into things. However I can’t help but dream about the places I would love to visit someday.

1 – Italy

This beautiful city has always been top on the list of cities I would love to visit. Nor only for my love of pasta and pizza but the way the city was built is just exquisite! The breathtaking canals in Venice and holy city of Rome would be my destination.

2 – Paris

No surprise that Paris would be on my list of places I have to see as well. Who doesn’t want to be in the fashion capital of the world. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower and Palais Garnier, to be honest their are just so many stunning places I want to see.

3 – England

I’ve always wanted to watch a game of football at one of the soccer stadiums in England, Yes guys I do watch sports well not as much as I did when I was younger. London has been on my list forever and many South Africans have actually moved to England for better opportunities that England offers.

4 – Australia 

Australia is probably the continent that is most similar to South Africa, our climates is about the same and we are one of the only countries that play rugby and cricket  ( Haha) another country so many South Africans has fled to, Australia is beautiful it would be easy for me to climatise to and I would love to go see the Sydney Opera house and go snorkeling in the great barrier reef.

5 – USA 

There are just so many places in the US – I am dying to go to!! Firstly definitely Disney land in Florida and I would also love to visit New Orleans, the rich history and jazz influence New Orleans has is intriguing! Justin ( my boyfriend) I a jazz music lover so he is also big on visit New Orleans some day.

So there you have it these are probably my top five places I would love to visit someday ah a girl can dream can’t she! These are probably so cliché but these are my dream places to visit, so rich on culture and architecture it’s intriguing I am obsessed with learning different cultures from different places.

What places would you love to visit?


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