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It’s almost holiday season and that means many of us will be travelling and going away! Today’s post is basically sharing my Travel Essentials with you guys. These are mainly the products I just can’t dare leave the house without.

My travel essentials are basic, I try to travel with as less things as possible – I hate having to lag around tons of things that I don’t necessarily need.

Phone – An obvious choice, I can’t leave the house without my cell phone, in this day in age we practically all run of life on our cell phones. They are mainly to take photos of everything, to use google maps and to contact anyone we need.

Power Bank – For longer trips I must bring along my power bank to help charge my battery in case of an emergency.

Few Makeup Essentials – There’s no way that I am travelling without makeup, I also don’t carry around my entire makeup collection. I usually pack in the products I mainly need, foundation, mascara, contour palette, lipstick and eyeliner.

Hair Straightener – I refuse to leave home without my GlamPalm hair straightener, this baby has gone with me on every trip Justin and I have been one.

Water Bottle – Usually when going on drives Justin and I always must have water with us, we usually get thirsty quite often so a water bottle is a must when we are on the road. Not always the best because we must have pit stops more often, but water is a must to keep hydrated especially when driving.

Wet Wipes – An old thing I need to have when driving are wet wipes, I just never know when you might need it. Especially on long trips when we are constantly snacking its great to keep when you don’t have a tap or bathroom nearby.

So there you have it guys, these are mainly my travel essentials I can’t go without. What are you travel must haves?


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