Treat Your Tongue To A Fresh Breath Fix With Sunstar GUM

When it comes to my oral health I have the worst luck, I always seem to visit the dentist. One thing that really freaks me out is the dentist! Sunstar GUM a brand I have been using for months now has really helped me achieve breather breath and healthier teeth. Today you will learn How To Treat Your Tongue To A Fresh Breath Fix With Sunstar GUM.

This month is national fresh breath month! Sunstar Gum sent me their #FreshBreathKit so that I can have fresh breath for the month of love! There’s nothing more embarrassing that stinky breath especially when you are a coffee lover like myself.

The #FreshBreathKit contains the below products which can be purchased at any retailer, I usually purchase mine from Dischem.

Sunstar GUM Tongue Cleaner (recommended retail price R56) | effectively helps remove plaque and food debris from the surface of the tongue. The two sides provide a dual action – bristles to gently brush and a serrated edge to wipe the surface clean.

Sunstar GUM Technique+ toothbrush (R62) | designed to provide advanced cleaning, even below the gumline. The non-slip quad grips are positioned so that the bristles are effortlessly placed at the 45-degree angle recommended for optimal below-the-gumline cleaning. The Dome Trim® bristles are clinically proven to clean below the gumline reducing plaque, gingival inflammation, and bleeding. The extended SuperTip eliminates plaque from hard to reach places.

GUM Original White toothpaste (R57) | helps remove stains and prevent their reappearance without damaging enamel. It contains fluoride to reinforce tooth enamel, as well as vitamins for healthier gums. It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas.

GUM Original White floss (R56) | made with micronized silica to help remove stains between teeth and provides effective interdental plaque control.

GUM Original White mouth rinse (R92) | alcohol-free Sunstar GUM Original White Rinse contains StainClear to help remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. Made with a patented combination of fluoride, Isomalt, and vitamins. Original White Rinse delivers advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth, helping prevent further staining while strengthening gums and teeth.

Experts recommend cleaning the tongue as part of your daily oral routine.

We recommend tongue scraping as part of a regular oral care routine,” says Stella Lamprecht. President of the Oral Hygienists’ Association of South Africa. “The surface of the tongue has tiny grooves where bacteria and plaque can accumulate. Removing the bacteria and debris on the tongue is one of the simplest ways to ensure fresh breath and a healthy mouth. Everyone, from children to older people, should incorporate it into their oral care on a daily basis. Cleaning the tongue at night can help prevent ‘morning’ breath.

Will you be getting your #FreshBreathFix?
Disclaimer: Products in this post might have been sent to me for PR, all opinions shared are my honest thoughts.

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