Two Most Used Palettes

Two Most Used Palettes -1

I have been using more of my order makeup recently although most of them are away in storage. We will be moving twice over the next year so I try to keep most of my things packed away which really sucks I would love to have all my beautiful makeup in arm’s length. Today I am sharing current Two Most Used Palettes I have been using so much lately.

As mentioned I have been falling in love with lots of my older makeup products.

Swiitch Beauty Ultimatte Lip Palette

I purchased this palette a good few months ago and I have seriously been enjoying it. This is the only lip palette I own and It’s just been so useful. The shade selection is perfect for all year round and who doesn’t love matte formulas. This lip palette consists of 12 shades and I find that you can also mix and match the colours to create your own shade. They also wear really well and found that they aren’t trying. The Swiitch Beauty Ultimatte Lip Palette is a great investment without the hefty price tag.

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This is actually one of my newer palettes that Maybelline sent me. I am a massive fan of neutral shades, when it comes to my eyeshadow I tend to keep things safe. I have been using this eyeshadow palette so much, bascially every day!!

There are other palettes I have been reaching for, but mostly these are the two palettes I’ve currently been reaching for the most for everyday makeup looks. I just find that most of these palettes offer me what I need and haven’t been reaching for my other palettes that much. I am basically living out of a makeup bag so I like to keep the makeup items I mostly used within my reach and store the others away until we finally move into our own place next year.

What are your current most used palettes? Let me know in the comment section below.

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