{Video} What’s On My Phone

Happy Monday guys! Ah a start to a new week already – weekends always seems to fly by so fast. Luckily today in South Africa it’s Human Rights day, so public Holiday for me!

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to share a video with you guys and not any video a What’s on my phone video! For some reason I am really curious to see what other people have on their phone , like apps they use and games too I have probably watched hundreds on these types of videos and thought I would share my own seeing that I just recently got the new Samsung S7 – coming from  an Iphone oh man this amazing. Apple lovers are probably going to hate on me but personally this new Samsung is way better then the Iphone 5s I had , the camera is out of this world sadly better then my Canon bridge camera I got last year for my birthday. It has a bigger screen, I can add extra memory, most apps that was paid for on Apple are free, did I mention the camera?????

If you guys are interested at all with what I have on my phone at the moment then check out my video. This phone is new so I don’t have much apps on it.


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