How To Wear Matte Lipsticks

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Matte lipsticks have become of favourite types of lipsticks to wear – I just really like the matte finish on my lips. matte lipsticks can also be quite tricky to pull off especially when you normally suffer from dry cracked lips like I do. For today’s post I thought I would share some tips which I personally use which helps with How To Wear Matte Lipsticks.

For many years I have avoided matte lipsticks, looking back now I could seriously kick myself!! Here are some tips that could helpfully help you with wearing matte lipsticks.

  1. Always exfoliate – I can’t stress enough at how important exfoliating your lips are, exfoliating helps to remove all dead skin and helps with a smoother application.
  2. Moisturize – some matte lipsticks can be rather drying on the lips, so its quite important to moisturize and use a lip balm.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use lip liners – lip liners can help tremendously with a neat application, it will help with keeping to the shame of your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. I have always shyed away from using lip liners and I could really notie a difference once I actually used them, my lipstick application just looked more neat.
  1. Don’t forget to blot your lips – blotting your lips help with removing access lipstick from the lips and helps with your lipstick staying on for longer, I usually just use a piece of tissue or toilet paper on my lips you will start to notice less lipstick on the paper that’s when you know your lipstick is all good.

I hope you guys found these tips I just shared useful, if you do have any other tips that will help with wearing matte lipsticks or matte lipsticks application then please add it in the comment section below.


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