Wedding Update August 2017

Wedding Update August 2017 _01

As you guys know Justin and I are engaged – I’ve talked all about how he proposed in a life updates post which you can read here if you have missed it. Engaged life is amazing, it’s been 2 months since Justin asked me to be his wife and time has just been flying by.

Justin and I have been dating for almost four years now, since our engagement we haven’t spoken too much about the details of our wedding that we plan on having. I personally didn’t even want to have a wedding – I just don’t see why we have to spend thousands on one day – to me that makes no sense… I would rather want to go on an incredible honeymoon – I have never been overseas so our honeymoon will probably be the first time I get to travel outside of South Africa. We do have a few places in mind like Bali, South Africa and taking a cruise to Rome. But we still have to decide on that and the prices which will be a major factor, traveling is not cheap so we have to really think about what we can afford.

Things have become really overwhelming we have so much to buy, with finding a house, having to buy a car and paying for a wedding its surreal the amount of money we need to save just between the two of us.

We have agreed so far that we will be having an intimate ceremony, not is a church because Justin is Jewish and I am not religious at all – we do plan on having about 30 of our closes friends and parents only. We have had the idea of having a garden wedding, which suits me just fine – it’s most cost effective and we just need to find catering company and hiring of chairs and things like that and of course the wedding arch which is a must. There are a few ideas I found off on Pinterest which we still need to have a look at. At this point, nothing is set in stone yet – I do know I want to have a Summer wedding either December or January (This is when it’s Summer in South Africa) If it was up to me it would just be Justin and I on the beach saying or vows, but then we would be a ton of angry people!! We also have a year in mind which is 2019 or 2020 depending on how the planning of getting a home goes.

So for now we know more or less what we want to do, I will definitely be sharing updates in the future – it is a long time, but we all know how fast time goes and I love to be prepared.


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