What I Got Up To This Past Weekend

Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, it seems like forever since I just did a post talking to you guys about what I have been up to during my weekends – to be honest most weekends I just relax and home and practically do nothing, because work during the week really does exhaust me, the weather though has been amazing especially this weekend past it was so hot I could not be stuck at home.

Friday was pretty chilled as I still had work that day, but Saturday we had a lovely time my boyfriend and I stopped at the mall and hard some lunch, going to the mall was such a bad decision it was insanely full I do not want to see a mall for the next month have no idea how bad these people can shop and you cant find anything you want because its all sold out.

Which sucks because I still need to look for a gift for my boyfriend and then I am sorted. He was so romantic and took me for the most amazing restaurant that over looks the quarry whilst its sunset the view was unbelievable​.The food was really amazing as well, we both opted for starters and mail course as well, juicy steaks! We then decided to have some Lindt milkshake as a desert oh my it was so delicious!!

Sunday was a pretty chilled day, we went to visit my boyfriend’s mom then went for a stroll on the beach and having some ice cream.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?​



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