Welcoming Autumn

Whilst many of you might be preparing for Spring. In the Southern Hemisphere, we are preparing for the beautiful Autumn Season! I am Welcoming Autumn with open arms!

I am 100 percent a lover of the cold weather. Nothing excites me more then wearing my onesie, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up to Lilly and Muggles. Although, Winters aren’t as insane as many other places.

I’m also so grateful that I get to work from home for most days which makes me more productive instead of wasting my time and money traveling to work. I know so many might be sad to not have sunny weather. With the colours of the leaves turning, the next few months will be extremely eventful. Celebrating my birthday, my husband, my sister and the 1 year anniversary of my mother’s death. I am sure it will be an emotional few months. It still hard to come to terms that she is not there. I am coping though….

Autumn will bring some much-needed calmness to my life. Not having to go out and see friends as often!

Netflix and Chill

I am looking forward to watching some new Netflix series and shows to come. At the moment I am really loving Love is Blind, which has a weird concept but so interesting to watch! I have also been loving Love Island, which honestly I never thought I would like as much. I have also been finding myself rewatching a lot of romance movies, amongst my favourites are Twilight (yes, I know), A walk to remember and Me before You. There are still so many others I am a sucker for a cheesy romance movie!

What is your favourite season? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know if you guys love the colder months as much as I do.


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