What I Love About My IPad Mini

What I Love About My Ipad Mini
Just a little disclaimer I am definitely in no way trying to brag about owning an ipad. I just thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on reasons why I love mine. In case any of you having been thinking about wanting to buy one. And need some reassurance then this is the post for you. Here’s my What I Love About My IPad Mini.

I mentioned in my “What I got for my birthday” post which you can click here to see it, if you haven’t – that I bought myself an IPad. His was a birthday gift to myself, because I needed or we’ll wanted something that is convenient to carry around and to write posts and catch up on social media on the go. I bought myself the IPad mini 2 it’s not the latest one, I don’t think paying an extra R1000 is worth it just for touch ID… Like really! It also only has 16gig, which is enough for me as I am use it to write posts on the go and to read blogs and books. It is also only the WIFI version the 3g one costs way more, because I have a mobile WIFIi router that wouldn’t be an issue for me.


I am very happy with my purchase, I’ve only been using it for a month now and I just love it, I’ve been using it every single day, I don’t always feel like taking out my bulky laptop, his way you I can do most of the things I would on my laptop but I can do it cuddling in bed.


Ibooks, is amazing it comes pre-installed on the IPad. You can easily download books from my PC and sync it with my iTunes on to my IPad, I use to do that with my iPhone 5s but let’s get real that screen is way to small to do any reading on.. I love that I can lay in bed and read a book. actually plenty of books. You can actually read in the dark without having to switch on a reading lamp to be able to see what the heck I’m reading.


I also use my ipad for photo editing, now I can’t do that with picmonkey like I do with my laptop but there are some great apps that I also use like VSO Cam, and I can upload it straight to my vial media, cause I downloaded them all on here.


Catching up to emails is so convenient. I can easily read and reply to emails instead of doing it with my phone. Also reading blogs is way better, I can easily catch up to my favorite blogs that’s I missed during the day. I can reply to my blogs comments as well, which is a real joy. Lasting games!!! OMG playing my favorite games is awesome! I play along of games on my phone but doing it on my IPad is so much better,  no more squinting! Yes I have also gotten into that Candy Crush addiction, it’s bad I know…


With so many things to do. My IPad has really made my life easier and more convenient! I can’t imagine not having it and the mini is the perfect size for me. I can easily pop into my bag and take notes when I need to.
Do you have an IPad mini too? What are your thoughts about it?



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