What Lockdown Has Taught Me

No matter what part of the world you are from, it looks like we all are experiencing a total lockdown. In South Africa particularly we had over a month of being massively restricted to go anywhere besides getting your groceries, which excludes wine I might add! I’m sharing What Lockdown Has Taught Me over these last few weeks.

I am proud that our President took the initiative in calling a nationwide lockdown with extremely strict rules. South Africa is a third world country this call shock us to our core. Many businesses closed down like so many across the world. However, with South Africa being so poor this will be a massive impact on our country and the people living in it. 

With that being said these strict lockdown rules has taught me a lot. Being an introvert I thrived at not having to go anywhere besides get food. Honestly, the only thing that got to me was the ban of selling alcohol which I still don’t understand, but that’s just me being selfish.

What is a lockdown? 

For those of you who have not been under lockdown. A lockdown is basically the country restricting its inhabitants to limited time outside. For South Africa, in particular, it was quite strict, not being able to go out at all besides getting your groceries. Our complex furthermore prohibited any visitors, which does make sense as you trying to stop a spread of a highly contagious virus which has no cure.

My first thoughts when the lockdown was announced.

Honestly, I was stunned! I would’ve never imagined that the South Africa government would be this strict and took the virus seriously! 

What measures we put input to schedule our lives around it.

My husband and I are both lucky enough to have jobs which allow for remote working. My company as the foresight to know the benefits of remote working and we have been embracing it for over a year now. So nothing really altered that much for me in terms of my job. Besides the monthly get-togethers, we would have. 

What the lockdown has taught me and made me realise.

I’ve realised so much during this lockdown! Mainly we depended so much on take-out! Restaurants in South Africa was forced to close down. My husband and I get take-out at least twice a week if not more. We definitely realised that I honestly don’t miss it besides the occasional KFC craving, which makes me sound spoilt I know!

We are content with being home! Not many can say that, but I honestly did not crave having to go out. Once a week shop had me totally fulfilled. This lockdown has completely changed us in away. We have realised that we were way too dependant on feeling pressured in going out, seeing friends and having those luxurious we can certainly live without.

What has been the main thing that you realised during this lockdown?


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