What’s In My Bag

Today I am taking it back, way back with a good old What’s In My Bag post! If you are as nosey as I am I just love knowing what other people carry in their handbags and if it’s as messy as mine. No matter how hard I try I always end up having a bag full of crap!

I usually rotate my handbags, at the moment I am using a dusty pink handbag that I bought from Spree a few months ago.

Cell phone | This one is super obvious, who doesn’t carry around a cell phone these days especially a blogger.

IPad | I usually carry around my iPad for reading. I legally can’t drive and luckily I get a lift with my colleague to work every day. This gives me time to read and catch up some blog reading.

Tissues | Another obvious, I suffer from sinus all year round so have to make sure I carry tissues no matter where I go.

Tampons | I always make sure a carry a tiny tin case with some tampons, you never know who might be flowing unexpectedly.

Lipstick | I usually only carry one lipstick at a time, depending on what colour I choose to wear. For work, I normally stick to nude lipsticks, so I always carry one for touch up’s.

Perfume | Of course, perfume is something I always have to have. At the moment I have been carrying around an Essence Cosmetics Fragrance.

Purse | a no-brainer, can’t pay for anything without my purse! I am currently using one that I bought from MR PRICE a few weeks ago. I just really lovely the flower embroidery.

Chewing Gum | I can’t live without my chewing gum or mints. I hate the feeling of my breath not being fresh especially after lunchtime.

Hand Sanitiser | I hate the feeling of my hands feeling dirty, I always keep a hand sanitiser in my purse.

Hair Brush | Usually I don’t carry around a hairbrush. My hair has not been in good shape for the last few weeks. Due to lots of hair shedding, I noticed that those hair has been starting to regrow leaving these awkward tiny hairs that I can’t seem to flatten. I have used hair oils and hair stray but this tiny damn ass hairs just keep standing up and looks like have just been electrocuted.

So that’s basically it. As you guys have noticed I honestly don\t carry much and definitely no makeup. I just don’t find the need of carrying makeup with my everyday.

What is your handbag must-haves? Let me know in the comments section below.


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