What's On My iPhone 8Plus 2019

Not quite sure when this post will be live. Hoping it will be in time to still count as a 2019 post! I’ve been loving what’s on my iPhone videos and decided to film one just before upgrading my phone (fingers crossed that it actually happens in January). Here is my What’s On My iPhone 8Plus 2019.

I’ve had my iPhone 8Plus for more than 2 years now. I am due for an upgrade in January. Yes, I did promise myself that I wouldn’t upgrade and honestly, I have no reason too. Considering that I basically spend most of my time and planning photos, photos and videos on my phone I thought that it might be wise to upgrade mainly for better camera quality.

I have had my eye on the iPhone 11 just the normal 11 no pro or max or whatever Apple is calling the more expensive versions. Honestly, it’s just insane. Before I ramble on about a phone I don’t have yet! I filmed what’s on my iPhone 8Plus video. So if you guys are interested at all please do let me know if you guys found any of these apps helpful.

I am definitely planning on doing more videos in the new year so please do subscribe to my YouTube channel I will be extremely grateful. If you want me to perhaps do a more in-depth video on how I create my Instagram Stories then let me know.


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