Why Social Media and Blog Detox Was The Best Decision I made

Why Social Media and Blog Detox Was The Best Decision I made -1

These past two months have most certainly been the most challenging and most exciting time of my life. During most of this time, I cut back on blog posts and social media too. This post will be explaining Why Social Media and Blog Detox Was The Best Decision I made.

Life has been eventful, I have shared snippets on Instagram mostly of what has been happening. I cut my blog schedule with posts I pre-planned to three posts a week or two. For many other bloggers, this might be normal. For me, I usually posted five times a week the first three years of blogging.

These last two years I found that creating and putting out that much content was exhausting, it’s also hard to feel creative when you have to consistently put out content. My blog controlled my life, the past two years I cut back a bit, I found this cycle not to be good on my health and well-being.

I find that three or four posts a week are ideal for me! These past two months I had a social media and blog detox and it felt liberating. I have always been on my phone, whether it’s replying to blog comments, writing down blog post ideas, taking photos and planning my Instagram feed. It’s so exhausting, especially for someone who has a full-time job and running a home as well.

These past two months I felt no anxiety about getting my content out there and of course the stress of Instagram and losing followers. I cared less about that and rather enjoying my life and on my own terms. I won’t lie there have been many times when I just wanted to write,

Will I continue to spend less time worrying about small things?

I would really like to cut back and hopefully YES! I really enjoying time to myself and with my little family.

A detox was definitely needed, although I would never just go cold turkey and not have blog posts for weeks on end!


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