Winter Fashion Picks



Winter Fashion Picks

Winter is right in our doorstep well at least for the Southern Hemisphere that is.  The weather is transitioning the sun is setting quicker making it impossible to take blog photos which is the one thing I’m dreading about winter. I thought I would share some of my Winter fashion picks which you guys so that you can get a feel for what pieces I like to wear during these colder months.

I’m a big fan of winter and spend most of my Winter days snuggled up in bed with pj’s when I’m not at work that is.  Working during winter is probably the worst, having to sit at an office while it’s pouring down and all you can think about it being in bed with an electric blanket. As you guys have noticed I’m not big on fashion but I do like clothes as the next girl seeing that I have pretty much gained two sizes I have been trying to buy some new clothes slowly that is.  Here are some of my Winter essentials I will be wearing a lot of this season all of these can be found at Mr Price.

Winter Fashion Picks_01

1 – textured skater skirt R169.99| 2 – shimmer crop top R69.99| 3 – faux fur jacket | 4 – block heel chelsea boot R239.99

Winter Fashion Picks_02

5 – turtle neck skater dress R99.99 | 6 – felt hat R149.99 | 7 – block heel R229.99 | 8 – tassel biker jacket R369.99

What do you guys love wearing during the Winter season as you can tell I am big on deep red’s like maroon during Winter as well as plenty of black its really flattering and suits just about everyone.



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