Winter Home Décor Inspiration

Winter is coming… The weather has changed dramatically in Cape Town , the sunrises later and there’s a chill in the air. I am a huge fan of Winter, I am really looking forward to cozying it up and hibernating. With a new season looming over us , it also means I need to change out some Summer inspired pieces – gone are bright colours and in are the deep reds, silver and greys. Today’s post I will be sharing some Winter Home Décor Inspiration, hopefully you guys will also get inspired.

I have been really into home décor lately and Pinterest is such an amazing place to get inspiration from. I created a Pinterest board which will give you guys an idea of my kind of style and how I really want to spice up our space. Here are some images a found on Pinterest to give you guys some Winter Home Décor Inspiration, hopefully these help! I know it’s been helping me with some great ideas – I am no creative so Pinterest has been a major help to inspire me.

Winter is definitely a time to experient with different texture and colours, I love minimilistic everything – it keeps everything looking clean and organised. I also have to keep in mind that I am sharing a space with Justin so these pinks can be easily swopped out for a more neautral shade.



I would definitely suggest you guys check out some Home Décor websites like Mr Price Home, H&M and Boardmans – they have really stunning items that could also help. If you guys do know of any other website I should be checking out then please let me know!