Is It Worth the Hype? The Balm Mary Lou Manizer


Since I’ve started blogging on hyped out product was The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer a beauty Highlighter that I have seen featured on so many blog posts across the world. Since seeing retailbox having them on their website it was my life goal to purchase it too.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be given. A voucher at Retailbox and the very first product I thought about getting was the Mary Lou Manizer and that’s what I got! With all the hype that’s been surrounding this product I have rather intrigued and excited to see if it really is that amazing or a utter fail. And yes yes yes! This highlighter is worth every vent and definitely is worth all the hype and praise it’s been getting.


I tested it a few times,  not only is the purchasing the cutest thing! One of 3 Manizer products from the blame the other highlighters being different shades but Mary lou is the most popular. The slight gold highlight surprisingly has not glitter it in. Be careful when applying it the pigmentation is quite in tense and creamy and a tiny bit does go a long way.  I would suggest using a fan brush when applying is gives this gorgeous glow. The colour also makes it versatile I would say that it will go well with any skin shade.  The Balm Mary – Lou Manizer retails for R399 at The retailbox it really is a great investment you are paying for amazing high end quality and also something that lasts a long time.  It took me sometime to decide whether to spend that much money, but I honestly believe it was money well spent.  This Manizer is my favourite highlighter by far!


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