New Year Resolutions For 2018

New Year Resolutions For 2018 _01

First, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has a better year ahead.  have mentioned in a previous post how challenging 2017 was for me. With that being said, 2017 was also the year that Justin proposed to me. I am not the type of person who necessary has New Year Resolutions, but I thought it would be great to have some goals this year. Today I am sharing my New Year Resolutions For 2018.


This year is going to a very busy year for me. Justin and I are getting married by the end of the year which means we have so much to plan for. It still feels unreal that by the end of this year I will be a married women. I am just so happy and thankful I met my soul mate, not everyone does.

Growing My Blog

I would also like to invest more time on my beauty blog. For most of 2017 I have still been trying to balance my time with full time job and my blog. Especially now that I have gotten more into the habit of doing things. I do want to spend more time growing the platform I do have.

More Time For Family

All my time has been given you my work and blog. I hardly have time to see my family, which is not ideal. I would definitely want to make more time on weekends to see them. Also, with the wedding planning it will be great to bond with them all.

Pass My License

I know, I still haven’t passed my license. I have had so many attempts, honestly I just don’t know why I mess up so much in the test. Hopefully, this year I will finally be legally on the road. It has really killed my spirit, I can drive somehow I just can’t pass the road test.


These are basically my goals for this year. What are your New Years Resolutions For 2018?


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