Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Being a 27 year old in South Africa is tough, with limited opportunities, and the raising cost of living it’s hard to make it out there. All these struggles have also afforded me with many life lessons, things I had to learn the hard way and looking back at my life there are just so many things I would want to tell my younger self a young teenager still in high school with so many ambitions and friends.

I was that nerdy kid in school, the weirdo that always got picked on and bullied. One thing I admire about being that kid so young and naive is the ambitions I had all the dreams I wanted to fulfill that sadly never happened due to losing someone close to me and the fact that being the eldest child and having an unemployed single mother following those dreams weren’t possible, but life has taken another exciting turn and a path I would love to follow that might not have been something I wanted to do, like blogging.

Here are some things I would love to tell my younger self.

* It’s okay to show your emotion, hiding your feelings isn’t good and it has taken a lot of emotional strain on yourself just let go and stop over thinking things.

* Tell your mom you love her even though she never does right now I swear she tells you a lot once you moved out of the house.

* Bullies will eventually stop picking on you  –  you might have gone through most of your school life being  bullied once high school ends the bullying stops and you are free from all the negative things people say about you no more crying yourself to sleep at night and not wanting to go to school the next day, just be patient and hang in there.

* Your dad will never be the father you wanted and that’s okay you a much stronger woman without him.

* Your family you love so much will end up walking all over you, so try and be strong and not taking any of it.

* Your dreams might not work out, but you will end up doing things you love even though it’s part time it’s still something you love even though it’s not being a climatologist which is probably currently your dream right now.

* You sadly will have some bad luck in relationships but they will lead to you finding the love of your life, someone who will show you how being loved and cared for really feels –  the kind of love you will only experience once in a lifetime, this will probably be the best thing that ever happens to you.

* You will need to make tough decisions and you will be losing a lot of people in your life who you thought were friends.

* You eventually do get to move out and you will finally have your own space.

Oh younger me you will have to go through so many hardships more than most people your age but as your older self-trust me it will all be worth it once you meet the love of your life, everything starts to fall in place you have a job, amazing man,  you are stronger and more independent, you will also not be living in a toxic home any more things will look up.